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FGI San Antonio announces new board members for 2018!

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FGI stands for Fashion Group International. Fashion Group International was founded in New York City in 1930 and lead by Vogue Editor-In-Chief Edna Woolman Chase with members including Elizabeth Arden, Julia Coburn, Eleanor Roosevelt,Helena RubinsteinLilly DacheEdith HeadMary Brooks PickenClaire McCardell and Tobé Coller Davis. It was created in order to support the fashion industry and all fashion professionals pursuing a direction of business.


Back in 2016, FGI enjoyed a reinvention of the San Antonio chapter by appointing perhaps the most intriguing and beneficial board the organization has ever seen. Since then, FGI San Antonio has received numerous accolades by FGI New York and grows membership exponentially. Today, FGI San Antonio announced their 2018 board members and with new names like Agosto Cuellar and Cody Shown on the list, we are beyond thrilled and excited to see the excellence FGI San Antonio will bring forth. Here is a complete list.

Their 2018 Events Calendar will be announced very soon. Catch all their fashionable events at our Style Lush TV Fashion Events Calendar at StyleLushTV.Com/Events. For membership information email FGI San Antonio at

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