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Did you catch MoMo Fest 2017? We did. See highlights here.

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How much do you know about MoMo Fest? This is a very cool event that has been running for seven years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Our Street Beat channel sat down with its founder Moises Mota to get the skinny on what MoMo Fest is truly all about.

SLTV: Hey Moises, how’s it going? So let’s finally do this. Let’s talk MoMo Fest. our Street Beat channel has been covering MoMo for what, three years now? It has been a blast. We’re curious though, what inspired you to start Momo Fest to being with?
MM: MoMo Fest stemmed from a birthday/coming home party from a recent deployment to Afghanistan. I had some of my favorite local musicians come perform and they gladly did. The party was such a hit that we followed it by making it an event. My sister Andrea Mota aka Paloma Negra who is an artist, activist, performer and all-around Badass along with a local bar owner assisted in the planning and execution of this event. We decided to incorporate Art which is something I really enjoy. My sister brought on several of her artist friends along with my favorite local bands and MoMo Fest was born!

Happening October 12th – 6-9pm Buy tickets here

SLTV: From a small personal party to a celebration of San Antonio creatives, what a cool origin! What is your strongest memory about the very first MoMo fest?
MM: Some of the strongest memories about the first MoMo is mainly the support that we received from the arts community. It felt as if everyone wanted to come together and be a part of it. The event also brought my sister and I closer together after several years. Although we lived in the same household growing up, we still had very separate lives. We have remained close since then and she still continuously to be a part of the event and supports it one way or another whether on the forefront or from behind the scenes. Another strong memory are some of the musicians that came out to perform that evening such as Nina Diaz, Carlton Zeus, Nickshan, and Sam Villela. These artists would send me music along with words of encouragement during my absence. Their passion for music and love for the community is what I admire about them most and am glad that they were a part of it.

SLTV: Wow! Those are some very loved musical names in SA. How awesome. When did you decide to incorporate fashion?
MM: Fashion and Body Paint were incorporated in the 3rd year of MoMo Fest. My sister Andrea along with Medusa Hair Salon invited Agosto Cuellar to premier our first fashion show. The fashion show at MoMo Fest has grown over the years and is now a crowd favorite.

SLTV: How would you describe the style of the patrons that attend MoMo Fest every year?
MM: The patrons at MoMo Fest are a very diverse crowd and we customize the show to appeal to all walks of life. There is something for everybody at the event. We usually try and have two different stages simultaneously non-stop so that there is always some form of entertainment. Even the music lineup is always different, we purposely have different styles and genres on stage. We want the audience to ‘experience’ something different all the time. Where else can you experience a drag show preceding a heavy metal band?

SLTV: YES! We’ve seen that. The diversity is incredible. What are your plans for the future of MoMo?
MM: The future of MoMo is definitely something that has been on my mind recently. We will be placing MoMo under construction over the next several months. There may even be some rebranding involved. Whatever it is that the future holds; the love of Fashion, Arts and Music will always be the focal point of the show.

SLTV: What do you love best about hosting an event like this in San Antonio?
MM: The San Antonio Arts community is very passionate about their love for the Arts. I admire how everyone is always willing to come together and help put on a great show. I have met some of the most helpful, loving, and humble people that I know in the Arts community and that’s what I love most about hosting an event like this in SA.

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