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Gio Diz Zurita Debuts Artful Clothing Line with Masterpiece

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The much anticipated clothing line by artist, Giovanna Diz Zurita has finally been unveiled at her gallery during a high energy show she aptly named Masterpiece. If you watched our episodes in English and in Spanish in which Gio shared with us how she converted her art into gorgeous wearable pieces, that was only a sneak peek of her collection. In the video above you can see more pieces, such as children’s wear, backpacks, menswear, womenswear, sneakers, throw pillows and even umbrellas. Gio’s eye for placement of her art has lead her to such an great collection, I couldn’t help myself from nabbing a pair of leggings for myself.

She also unveiled her latest song, Masterpiece, which served as the catwalk music and connected the event, fashion show and overall vibe of the evening. Aveda Hotbox Salon took care of all the models hair & makeup, creating a look that looked like they all popped out of Gio’s paintings. That was the hottest day in San Antonio in 2017, figuratively and literally! Gio has taken her art to the next level with a fun and fabulous concept at The Alley on Bitters, where her Gallery is located and it was the perfect setting.

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