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Ever been in such a rush at work that you accidentally open a social media notification instead of your preferred phone app? Well that’s exactly what happened to me when local aerial photographer and film specialist, Gabriel Chavez Zeckua reached out to me last month.

Typically I rush to get back to my originally scheduled goal, but this time around I took the time to read the message. Turned out, this guy was a drone specialist who as of March 2017, began pursuing an online mini show called SA PERSONALITIES. I checked out his work. I was immediately a fan! Short. Quality. Fun Online Media. These personality shorts are very much worth your attention.

Gabriel Chavez Zeckua

You may have seen the above episode (featuring yours truly) circulating around social media lately. If you were wondering who was responsible for this cool vid, well you found him! (Thank you Gabriel.) So far, Gabriel has completed 13 episodes of SA PERSONALITIES and what sets them apart from other similar content online, is that he utilizes his sky drone as the foundation camera for all the content. Beautiful ariel shots of the city, people, places, and subjects can be seen in every single episode and with them running only 60 seconds each, you can easily binge watch all 13 episodes. Find them on Instagram under the hashtag #SAPersonalities or on his Facebook at @SkylineDroneTX

We sat down with this drone-content entrepreneur and turned the focus on him for a change. Get to know Gabriel here, share his work and stay tuned for more fashion news on Style Lush TV and our additional interview with Gabriel on our sister company STADcastSA, Southtown’s official podcast and media.

SLTV: Where are you from?
GCZ: I’m from Mexico City and I’ve been living here in SA for four years now.

SLTV: What do you do for a living?
GCZ: I work as an IT Manager at a Bank. I’ve always loved the Technology and I was lucky to get a job in an International Organization located here in San Antonio.

SLTV: How did you get into Drones?
GCZ: I’m a big fan of photography and video editing. One day I was on YouTube searching for some editing tips and I found a drone video. I remember  it was a drone filming some whales at the ocean and that really impressed me. The perspective that you get with a drone is different and beautiful so I started to look for more information about drones and I got one almost four years ago.

SLTV: What influenced you to start SA PERSONALITIES?
GCZ: I really love San Antonio. Life here is really nice, my two kids were born here. Living here gave me the opportunity to know more about this great community and little by little I started to get involved on it. I used to fly my drone and make cool videos about buildings or some places. Some of my pictures and videos has been shown in international film festivals so I noticed that I wasn’t bad at all, I think I got “the eye”. Some years later I  thought it would be a great idea to start involving some of the talented people of the City in very cool short videos, trying to mix their talent with mine. So I went to Market Square I talked with Hispanic Elvis (have you seen him?) and I started filming, just like that, with no script, no plan either. The video went good and I started to contact some other people to make the next episodes, now I have 13 episodes. So to make a long story short, the love that I have for San Antonio and the great community that I found here is the main reason I’m doing this.

SLTV: Why do you continue to make them?
GCZ: This is my hobby, I love to film from above, below and beyond. The City is growing so I think this is a good way to make everybody aim to this beautiful City and to create a creative win win relationship with the San Antonio Personalities and the Community.

SLTV: How do you choose your subjects?
GCZ: Well, social networks helps me a lot. I can see through Instagram or Facebook who is doing something that is impacting our community so that’s the way I can identify talented people making something important in San Antonio.

SLTV: What is your favorite thing about San Antonio?
GCZ: I should say the mix of everything. I mean, the combination between old and new buildings, the mix of cultures, the friendship of the people. San Antonio is a big city but still a small city, we have a long extension of land but you can meet the same people in different events. People is lovely and friendly, it doesn’t matter what color, religion or country you are, people is always open to help, smile and to grow together.

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