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Kevin McGee talks style and his upcoming tour!

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Back in 2015, Style Lush TV pioneered the San Antonio Fashion Awards at the Tobin Center. We take a lot of pride in finding opening music acts that are not only talented, but deserving of a different platform to showcase in front of, thus helping them expand their audience and giving them opportunity to network with a new demographic. In 2015, we chose Kevin McGee.

There is a lot of hip hop in our city, but we felt (and still feel) that Kevin’s style is incredibly different, elevated and strong. On top of that, he is just an overall great guy. He was a perfect fit for the inaugural celebration, so strong in fact, that we even made his hit single “She Loves It” the official song of the San Antonio Fashion Awards promotional campaign that year.

Photo by Trinity Greer

Since then, Kevin has shown tremendous momentum, launching single after single and a killer music video. As his popularity soars, there is absolutely no doubt that his talent transcends the local market and should be heard by a larger audience. As Style Lush TV predicted, the demand for a tour has become inevitable.

Photo by KnightShyft

We sat down with Kevin to get the details on his tour prep and gain his thoughts on personal style.

SLTV: Kevin, it’s so awesome to sit down with you again. We’ve been loving the social media posts. You have really cool style. How would you describe it?
KM: I would say my style is pretty open. Mainly a casual, simple, but edgy look with t-shirts, sweaters and jackets.I do also like to add the button ups, polos, and a nice dress look in as well.

SLTV: Do you think fashion plays a role in your music and the culture that surrounds it?
KM: I believe fashion plays a major role in my music as well as the culture. Fashion and music go hand in hand, it’s always been important to have the flyest gear, or something rare and exclusive. Even with performing, your outfit is a statement and a part of your whole presence on stage.

SLTV: So tour!! Congrats Kevin. What can we expect from the tour?
KM: The promotional tour is to help build and engage in my fan base as well as meet new fans and friends. We will be talking to local radio, blogs, websites, DJs, venues, and more to promote the album while in each city. We are also looking to reach a few colleges during their homecoming weekend to touch as many students and listeners as possible. Lastly we will have a few events like Pop Ups with Merch and Meet & Greets as well as a few performances throughout the tour.

SLTV: We hear you’ll be starting in October, touring the surrounding areas with plans to expand as sponsors come in. What have you solidified so far?
KM: So far we’ve got 10.21: Austin, Texas (UT Homecoming)
10.27: Houston, Texas (Pop Up Show)
10.28: Houston, Texas (UH Homecoming)
11.04: San Marcos, Texas (TX State Homecoming) And yes, we definitely have plans to expand as sponsors come in.

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Photo by KnightShyft