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Inside the Stylist’s Studio: Dominic Alonzo shows us how to go Grey!

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While most of us are trying to hide our greys, Radio & Youtube Personality, Dana Cortez, has embraced the trend and has gone full grey. She goes to none other than 2016 San Antonio Fashion Award Winner for Hair Innovator of the Year, Dominic Alonzo. In an exclusive sit down, Dominic spills the secrets to achieving this look and how to maintain, not just grey, but any color for that matter.

The process took 4 hours, and during our time, we had amazing conversation about nearly everything! I really got to know them on a deeper level, just showing the value of the relationship you develop with your hairdresser. Dominic always makes sure to make you feel welcome and truly enjoy your experience with him. He shared so many tips to maintain a great mane, and Dana expressed her gratitude to Dom for truly bringing her hair back to life from severe bleach damage she had acquired before starting to see him. One of the most important things Dom shared with us is expectation. Many of us with dark hair can walk into a salon and ask for blonde, pink or grey and expect it to be done that same day. The truth is that the process takes time, patience, and budgeting. If this is what you’re looking for, and you want it done the right way, an experienced hair colorist like Dom will tell you that upfront. Now for the grey hair look, the first thing Dom did was analyze Dana’s skin tone, her hair situation at the time, and decide the shade of grey they wanted to achieve. It’s taken them about 4 months to get to her desired shade, keeping in mind that there is no “one shade fits all” when it comes to hair color.  Watch the interview above to see what it took for them to get there!

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