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The Downtown Website is finally LIVE! Get the lowdown here.

Featured Southtown Muralists in video, LOS OTROS.

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Here in Southtown, we love being the mouth into Downtown! We pass and flow into each others territories as naturally as a bees cross pollinate. It is home. Where all the action is and where all the energy flows. As the city of San Antonio continues to grow, its no secret that Downtown is one of the most rapidly evolving areas to be reckoned with, and here, with the help of motivated spirits, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Last Fall Downtown had their huge brand launch and since then, has taken many steps, to continue the momentum of progression. If you missed the promotional video from that huge celebration, no worries, WATCH IT above (we challenge you not to get goosebumps) and catch up with the vibe that been spreading like wildfire here in the city.

Right now is an amazing time to be a San Antonian. We don’t simply exist as a city, together, we thrive. The core of who we are, our legacy, history and where we are headed—lies in our Downtown. A place full of innovation, progress, history, community, creativity, passion and tenacity, our downtown is the vibrant hub that has and will continue to define us as a city.”  – Downtown San Antonio

In one of their more recent projects, Downtown has been profiling different people and businesses that help make Downtown the colorful heart beat that it is. With a number of these under their belt, they have finally launched the official Downtown Website and are now highlighting people, places, businesses, events and more. Still in its initial phases, you’ll want to continually check back regularly to stay up to date. Visit DowntownSanSntonio.Org to discover more and support the ever evolving Downtown of San Antonio movement. Because Every Great City Needs A Great Downtown!

Currently featured on the homepage, Brandon Sherouse of the DOWNTOWNERS.


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