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Our friends in L.A. have just turned us on to the incredibly funny, push the boundaries, teen horror comedy series, “Snatchers” coming your way June 22nd. Today on Street Beat we are so excited to bring you yet more stylish screen entertainment and in this case, prepare for a fun “laugh-shocker” to share with a bunch of friends and summer drinks.

Verizon’s go90 and Stage 13, a fearless digital content brand under Warner Bros Digital Networks, formally announces that this original scripted horror-comedy series “Snatchers”, will mark Stage 13’s first series launch.

“Snatchers” is centered on a status-obsessed teen who, after having sex for the first time to preserve her social standing in school, finds herself pregnant…with an alien. Now she’ll have to team up with her nerdy ex-best friend Hayley to fight against an extraterrestrial threat, and hopefully keep her mom and friends from finding out about her alien offspring.

New episodes will be available weekly on and the go90 mobile app, and anyone with a smartphone can download go90 for free via the App Store or Google Play. The eight-episode series will be available on go90’s XO and Saga channels. New episodes will premiere every Thursday with the first two episodes launching on June 22nd.

Stage 13 is about curating unique talent and compelling stories for the digital space and we are excited to have our first launch –  ‘Snatchers’ – be on go90,” said Diana Mogollón, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Stage 13.  “The creative team behind ‘Snatchers’ has created a brilliant horror comedy series that had Sundance audiences captivated, shocking them and making them laugh out loud. We’re excited to bring this witty, unexpected new horror/comedy story to a wider audience.

The horror genre continues to surge in popularity with stories and themes that are smart, relevant and in touch with their audience and that’s what you get with ‘Snatchers,’” said Ivana Kirkbride, Chief Content Officer for go90. “This go90 exclusive series, from digital-first content brand Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, promises to connect with our horror enthusiasts.

Whether you still love watching teen flicks (like us) or need a cool way to bond with your own kids, this series looks to be the summer screen time to pass the popcorn to. Stay tuned for more Street Beat news on Style Lish TV and don’t miss the premiere of “Snatchers” coming June 22nd.


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