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Introducing 18 year old fashion designer, Mia Sara Quintero!

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“I’m a little nervous. I had a little breakdown backstage. But, I’m good. I’m great!” These being some of the first words Mia Sara Quinto shared with us as she beamed with joy behind the brightest smile.

Quinto, seen in the middle, smiles for post show pictures

Quinto is 18 years old and was attending Keystone School when she showcased her very first collection in Southtown at the famous 1906 Warehouse on S. Flores. The warehouse was lined with paintings by young artists of San Antonio as a local singer-songwriter played his guitar and performed covers for the pre-show entertainment. The crowd was full, many parents and schoolmates waited in anticipation for Quinto’s collection to take center stage.

“She’s great! This is a huge deal for her. I’m so happy for her.” one of Quinto friends told us.

As the models strolled out onto the runway it was apparent that short and long culottes were a reoccurring theme. During the interview, this was confirmed as Quinto explained that the founding inspiration during the creative process was the idea that “…pants are not just for guys!”

Mature stand outs in the collection were the pink, cropped cowl hood and the light blue two piece ensemble. Long billow pants and a cropped ruffled halter made for a very feminine and marketable statement. Is this a foreshadow of what’s to come as Quinto develops her craft? Only time will tell.

As for now, Quinto has plans to attend the university of North Texas this Fall and major in Fashion Design. We are very excited to see her talents progress and look forward to interviewing her yet again in the future. “Always follow your dream.” She says as we end our interview. “I know there’s so much doubt out there but always follow your dream.”

Wise words for a young rising star in our fashion community.