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Featured Artwork in Style Lush Studios by internationally acclaimed street artist Paola Delfin. Thank you Paola. We love you.


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Believe it or not, I’ve known many fashion designers in Hollywood who will admit they are not artists. They simply love designing cookie cutter clothes for big brands day in and day out. They learn the corporate formulas, rehash the things that sell well and get paid incredibly impressive paychecks to reinvent marketable pieces season after season.


Then there were those fashion designers who became fashion designers because of the artistry. They needed that spiritual outlet and could not imagine doing anything else. Many had experienced much pain. Many had anxiety disorders. Many had commitment issues, substance abuse problems and/or other demons that could only be pacified by the completion of their next piece.

Now while I believe almost all fashion designers are artists, there are those who create on a different conscious level. And, like a lot of art, pain within a fashion designer’s heart seems to bring about the most beautiful creations.

We first introduced Golden Skyy to San Antonio back at the inaugural year of the San Antonio Fashion Awards in 2015. He was the featured “ones to watch” fashion show at the event and had everyone buzzing after the ceremony. The next year, he was actually nominated for Fashion Artist of the Year and then showed at Runway En La Calle with his fellow fashion-artist nominees. His name has slowly been growing and his work has since then, been ever evolving.

He recently graduated from the Art Institute and designed a collection whose foundation began with The Four Horsemen, four beautifully tailored garments that were inspired by apocalyptic moods, the seven deadly sins, digital textiles and Japanese pattern manipulation.

Models by The Lari Nelson Agency Model & Talent: Angelina Barela, Mia Isabella, Serah Faulk, Kennedy Marie

Watch the episode above to learn how his late step father lives on in the digital prints, marvel and the LED technology he has weaved into his concepts and delight in the beauty that comes from an enlightened pain that could only be Golden Skyy.

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