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Fashion Community to show works at Arte y Pasión’s FRUTAS DEL ÉTER


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San Antonio College presents Arte y Pasión’s FRUTAS DEL ÉTER “Fruits of the Ether,” a project about the Creative Process. The project is created specifically for the Opening Ceremony of the Multicultural Conference of San Antonio College, whose theme is “As Above, So Below.” The project is site-specific, designed around the architecture of the mansion to take place as a prelude to sundown.


FRUTAS DEL ÉTER addresses our relationship to genius. We don’t own our strokes of creativity. Ideas and inspiration fly above us in the Ether, and we can pluck the ideas and pull them down like fruit from a tree. Everything exists in this realm above before we can manifest it below.

Arte y Pasión, under artistic direction of Tamara Adira, is an award-winning San Antonio based interdisciplinary flamenco and artistic company comprised of Independent Artists accomplished in their own right. The project, curated by Claudio San Miguel, will feature Artist Foundation Award Winners Tamara Adira and Daniela Riojas, Chayito Champion, Luisma Ramos, Darian Thomas, Luke Bonecutter, Janese Odom, and Rochelle Banuet. The project will feature award winning artists Lisa Perello flamenco fashion designer, Alejandro Sifuentes metalsmith, and Fabian Alejandro Diaz costume designer and winner of the San Antonio Fashion Awards Fashion Artist of the Year. Also to be introduced, Marie Melroe, Eric Price and Irma Latham.

The Opening Ceremony and Performance will take place at the historic Koehler Cultural Center, on 310 W. Ashby Place, San Antonio 78212, Monday April 24 at 6:30pm. The event is free to the public. For more information contact Arte y Pasión at 210.241.2771 or Facebook: arteypasionsa. For more information on San Antonio College, call 210.486.0649, visit Facebook: @sanantoniocollege.

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