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When Fashion meets Costume design. Ones to Watch: Marisa Mayo


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Contribution by Style Lush Intern Jelicia Llyod

While attending the Art Institute of San Antonio I have met a lot of creatives. Each one of them have their own distinctive style that sets them apart from any other artist. One of those people is a fashion design student Marisa Mayo. Marisa is a costume and fashion designer that has an ominous style and her aesthetic comes from things that would normally be obscure to another. She loves to push ethereal imagery that evokes strong emotions.

Marisa’s latest collection is her spin on the play Antigone, in which she takes an original story and adds her unique spin on it by creating a fantasy world beyond earth called Amaris. In this fantasy world the moon holds great importance, representing peace and a sense of security.

With each character she creates a look that embodies their personalities, while keeping the element of darkness. Each design has an elegant feel, with a hint of mystery that keeps you wanting to know more about the characters and  the secrets they hide.  What really made Marisa stand out to me the most was her love for nature and her ability to create beauty from darkness. Looking at her collection, the amount of hard work and effort really shines through.

Follow Marisa on INSTAGRAM at @Marisa_Renae and stay tuned for more Ones To Watch on Style Lush TV.

Photography provided by Priscilla Bermudes. Headdresses by Madeline Dodson.

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