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Susie McKinley is well-known for her incredible custom menswear (and tailored womenswear)! As a creative entrepreneur at heart, she has taken the success of HKD and opened up a new venture for her and her company.

Back in October, Style Lush TV introduced you to a very special brand and a very cool “Instagram You Should Be Following“! Fiesta Feet is a proud San Antonio, Texas company that offers traditional huaraches with a chic and modern twist. While you still can find the traditional neutral pair here at Fiesta Feet, Susie takes this timeless and comfortable shoe and adds a little jazz to it. Fiesta Feet offers exciting colors, metallics and fun style details. With Fiesta right around the corner, (you know you’re getting ready as well) there has never been a better time to support a local small business.

Screenshot from October 2016

Since our social media blast back in October, Fiesta Feet has grown rapidly and done so well that they have expanded inventory and are now giving back to those in need via Casa Kamami. Casa Kamami is a family owned, all girls foster home, which serves as a sanctuary¬†for young women who have fallen victim to sexual abuse. With every purchase of Fiesta Feet, part of the proceeds go to serving these young women within Casa Kamami. A pair of Fashion Feet run around $55 a pair and have Susie’s grandmothers seal of approval in terms of style and comfort. <3

Department for Culture and Creative Development

To find out more about Feista Feet and Casa Kamami, watch the episode above… and Get Ready… We have a very special GIVEAWAY CONTEST¬†for YOU! For the next 10 Days, we are giving you an opportunity to NAME THESE SHOES! Whichever name Susie chooses at the end of the contest will be the winner of a brand new pair of any Fiesta Feet you want! So participate, share and support your local small business. You could be a part of the next generation of Fiesta Feet and the owner of some incredible footwear!


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