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How To Identify Vintage Like A Pro! Grey Moon Vintage Shares Their Secrets.


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Note from the editor
When you have teal hair and it’s fading, you get a sort of strange sea green color that IS NOT good for greenscreen technology. While I know not to wear my basic green colors on days of filming with the city, I completely forgot about my fading locks. While editing with chroma key,  I realized I was “bald”… haha… took a while to fix this episode (enough) and soon after this I was forced to color my hair navy blue. Again, we here at Style Lush TV refuse to not air things we create. All growing pains and learning lessons are things we are not afraid to share with our audience. When you’re a continual student on the journey of life, these things happen, so forgive my missing hair, here and there. Instead, focus on the incredible tips Grey Moon Vintage has to offer and shop shop shop local! Enjoy the episode and tune in to watch it on television on PA-TV soon.

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Grey Moon Vintage is a vintage clothing shop based in San Antonio, Texas located at 2202 Broadway. They haven’t been around for very long, but there is no denying the rapid growth of this local business and they show no signs of stopping. At the forefront of the shop, Natalie Medina, is the buyer and creative director, curating special pieces from all over and celebrating San Antonio in every step of the process.

Recently, we sat down with Natalie to pick her brain on how she identifies true vintage when buying items for the shop. It was such an interesting and educational conversation, we decided to take it to the studio and make an episode all about it!

So here you go folks, How to Identify Vintage Like A Pro, brought to you by Style Lush TV and our sponsors for the episode, Grey Moon Vintage, SA-CAN and the Arts and Culture Department of San Antonio.

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