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The best Streetwear brand you didn’t know existed! Meet Gilbert and UNIQUE KNITS.

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Note from the Editor
As I’ll mention in the episode above, back this holiday season, I was visiting Centro San Antonio for a meeting and I stumbled upon an incredible shop just steps from their offices. The first thing I remember seeing was a great logo and UNIQUE KNITS on the door. When I went inside, I was 
absolutely floored. The shop was pristine, fun and full of colorful characters. Influences from Japanese anime caught my attention and the assortment of interesting streetwear was both refreshing and exciting to see. I immediately called out “Hello?” and that’s when Gilbert Glaster and his huge smile popped out from the back employee door. “Are you the owner?” I asked. “Owner, Designer, Comic Book Creator and Sneaker Enthusiast…” he said. The rest… well… is history. Or at least it’s this episode above. 😉 Watch the entire show and read on to get to know more about this rising fashion star in San Antonio, Texas. Gilbert Glaster is someone you definitely need on your fashion industry radar. 

SLTV: What pushed you to enter the fashion industry in San Antonio, Texas?
GG: Well I’m from San Antonio, I was a high school and college athlete, so me and my friends were always into sneakers and clothes and you always had to have something dope that separated you from the others. At the time I created UK I was seeing a lot of the stores with the same thing, that was one of reasons that pushed me to want to create something new and different.

SLTV: How long have you been in the fashion industry?
GG: I have always been into clothing, but I started the brand while in college in 2005 and I didn’t launch the brand until 2011 at a store called Sole Boutique, the store was having a Biz Markie meet and greet. The owner at the time allowed be to have a booth their. He told me that if it did well that night they would consider selling it in their store, well it did really good that night and he held the brand for 2 yrs. I had to take it out because my wife was in the military at that time and we got orders to Guam for 2 yrs, but once we can back I pretty much picked up where I left off. I had always wanted a store for the brand and I was finally able to open one.

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SLTV: How much of the design process are you involved with?
GG: 100% the designs are all me, even the characters that represent the brand.SLTV: What are some of the inspirations that you pull from when designing?
GG: My inspirations come from all over, (Music, Art, Cartoons, Advertisements, TV, Movies all over) I don’t really follow trends. I like to create my own path with the brand by always innovating, creating, and being unique, thats our motto Many Are Regular Few Are Unique. So being able to travel really helped, I was able to see some cool things,  and learn how other countries represented themselves through style. I pay attention to what sneakers are out and take different colors from the shoes and apply it to a lot of my designs so when customers come in they have something to match their kicks with.

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SLTV: What are your hopes for the ongoing fashion industry in San Antonio, Texas?  
GG: My Hopes are to continue to create dope stuff for the city of San Antonio and all over, 2017 is gonna be huge for us as we start our jewelry line as well as a whole bunch of exclusive releases with our clothing, character line, and comic series.

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