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House of Hybrid has hit S.A. and they are introducing “Above Sizing”!


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Happy New Year #StyleLushes! It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks already and in true fashion community form, our inboxes have been bombarded with lots of new faces, entities, brands, businesses and events.


As you may (or may not know) Style Lush TV has moved studios and we are now inside the Southtown Arts District headquarters which houses ten art galleries and a handful of small creative businesses. As part of our community partnership, every Second Saturday we sponsor our studio to the non-profit SMART 501c3 projectspace. This month, SMART 501c3 and Style Lush TV were proud to celebrate DreamWeek / DreamVoice with featured Art Group, OlajuPortraits by Kusumu was a Retrospective Exhibition featuring exclusive portraits captured by Juliana Kasumu and live photo shoot sessions highlighting black female identities of the community.

Department for Culture and Creative Development

Because we sponsor our space every month, when we film our fashion community during this time, we move set to the awesome industrial 1906 Warehouse space, just outside Style Lush Studios. This month, we had the incredible pleasure of hosting our first Trend Talk with House of Hybrid, a new umbrella brand that is pioneering chic and cool “Above Sizing” clothing for the world.

HouseOfHybrid Skyscraper

When asked about “Above Sizing” they go into the details about how the term “Plus Size” is not only outdated, but also inaccurate. Find out which three in demand local fashion designers have teamed up to throw a (long overdue) wrench in the gears in the fashion industry on Style Lush TV in the episode above.

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