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A Christmas tree for the most fashionable of heart!


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‘Tis the season and if you are anything like us at Style Lush TV, a Christmas Tree is the number one room statement of the holiday hurrah. We sat down with San Antonio fashion designer Geeda J. to show off her best selling Christmas works of art. If you have never seen her signature fashion Christmas trees, now is the time to sit back and catch up! Happy Holidays everyone.


SLTV: How long have you been making these fashion Christmas trees?
GJ: My very first Christmas tree dress was in 2011. It was one of the trees a decorated for my home and it became popular with my friends and family. I recreated a few in 2014 and 2015 for clients.

SLTV: What was your inspiration?
GJ: Because of my love for fashion, I wanted to incorporate my designs at my home to have a fashionable Christmas. Making a tree dress was a perfect way to do that. 


SLTV: Can people request custom designs or are there only certain styles available?
GJ: Sure! There is nothing I would love more. The trees are custom made to anyones specific needs. I can design the tree to whatever color or dress style they like. The goal is to have people enjoy their holiday and have a fashionable tree they love to display in their homes. 

SLTV: How much are they?
GJ: The trees runs from $500.00 to $1,500.00 and it depends on the size. 


SLTV: Can people use their own ornaments or mannequins?
GJ: Yes they can! This will actually make the price lower and it will inspire me to create what the client really wants.

SLTV: Where can they purchase them?
GJ: They can email us at


SLTV: What are you hoping to share by offering these beautiful creations?
GJ: I would like everyone to be inspired for the holidays and not be afraid having a little fun decorating this season!

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