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Joshua Woods is a scent curator. He designs scent concepts and collaborates with independent perfumers and brands. With the season in full-on summer mode, you may be thinking about switching up your scent. You may have even wondered a bit about the industry itself. If so, here are 10 Top Trends from local scent curator Joshua Woods, researched by Joshua Woods and Written by Joshua Woods. Find him at!

Joshua’s top 10 trends

Hello Style Lushes, take note, this list does not follow the current scent trends but follows what I see happening in the over the space of “scent”. This list notes many different artist, brands, and themes. That’s because the world of fragrance is a large and varied one, it’s not as simple as describing it as merely niche vs mainstream. Hope you enjoy it. – Joshua Woods

10. OUD

Oud is beautiful and full of wonder. It can be said to be the soul of a living tree, harvested since recorded time. It is rich and beautiful. Oud largely has been used in the far east and asia, used in both spiritual matters and pleasure. Oud is more or less caused by an infection, and the tree in turn, begins to create a response to cure itself. This creates what is referred to as oud. There are many efforts to promote natural harvesting and cultivation in the areas of the world. Ensar, would be one of the artists campaigning, teaching and harvesting natural Oud in the hopes that we keep it for the generations to come. Second one of my favorite scents is Wild Elves On Fire, a wonderful combo of wild honey and an earthly, almost swampy form of oud. The brand is from germany and its themes are about germanic fairy tales, fables and stories.


9. Brands with very strong concepts

First on my list of brands with very strong concepts would have to be the house of Maison Margiela Replica collection. They are nothing short of masterpieces, but you must take the time to understand the concept. The scents are literal olfactive recreations of memories or ideas. My favorite being “An Promenade in The Gardens “. When you smell the scent of paper or skin it unfolds into what I like to describe as a shaded path, lush foliage, and the shade of the trees. I like to imagine bright sun laid against your skin. It’s a really wonderful scent that is a bit ethereal. Next would be a newer line of scents that have been conceptualized by Kaya Sorhaindo founder of and cofounder of Six-Scents (my favorite fragrance brand). Now folie-a-plusieurs is a art-house brand based in germany the themes are based on giving a scent to moments in film to create a way to bridge or merge the olfactive and visual.


8. The abstract

When I first smelled this scent, it shocked me. It smells DARK…that is the best way that I can describe it. It’s a beautiful moody rose based scent unlike anything else.

J June Banner 2016- NEW

7. Fragrance Shops

There are some really interesting fragrance shops. These are just two I listed as personal favorites. I highly recommend you should start your own journey into finding really good small stores. You may find yourself supporting small businesses in San Antonio and having an afternoon of aroma therapy too.

SAFA BANNER- Nominations

6. The micro brands

The mirco brands small very many times they are headed by a single nose or a small team.

  • Anastasia Denisenkova, one of my favorite perfumers right now, is based in Moscow, Russia. Her scents transfer some of the feeling of her home; I imagine these being her scent interpretation of what Russia smells like. She makes a scent called Salad and it is incredibly unique. If you’re in America and reading this just translate the link because you can still get your hands on her work and the shipping fee is not bad.


  • You may also like, 4160 Tuesdays London Great brand really fun!
  • and Wiseguyscologne Based in Vegas. This line has a great sense of humor. The themes that the collection have are about taking men’s scents back to a time when they were much more classic. Though the brand and everything about the line is strong and humorous, the OG Original is “hot fire” and they are all overall very nice guys.


5. Bespoke

This has been around but has really started to pick-up now that there are more and more resources to have or create bespoke scents.

Department for Culture and Creative Development

4. Businesses based around scent

The business is booming. There are branding companies based around scent much like 12.29

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3. Fragrance knowledge expanding

Gone are the days of uneducated consumers. Not only is knowledge expanding with professionals, it is also being consumed by shoppers and scent enthusiasts.

2. Hot Fire

“Hot Fire” are scents that I think are boldly trying something new and are very well made. Some are modern interpretations of classic scents, Rubini being one of those scents. It’s based on classics and one person’s drive to restore his family legacy in perfume making. Laboratory Perfumes is a british brand. The scents are lush and beautiful, they are modest scents that take the classics of the olfactive and twist it into something new.

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1. Our view of scent is maturing. It is an Art.

The biggest trend I see in the scenet industry right now is that people are becoming more aware of scent as an art form. It is my personal opinion that scent is the truest and purest of all the art forms. Olfaction would be the common bridge between all of our senses.