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If you tuned in on Tuesday you were introduced to my new blog series: ‘Stylish Souls of San Antonio’.  This series embraces our fans alike who not only support us and our fashion community but are also working hard to elevate our city.  I introduced you to our first #SSOSA, Allysse Shank who is the founder of I Made Lemonade, by featuring my first fave looks of hers.  What I love most about her style is that it exudes this lightweight and carefree spirit yet it also embraces bright bold colors and funky twists.  Of course her signature color of yellow for her “lemons” always seems to make an appearance and I love that!  She’s a product of her product!

Speaking of her product, if you haven’t checked it out by now, her brand/website “I Made Lemonade” you need to!  It’s a wonderful platform for everyone to share their story.  People from everywhere, even overseas, who have been dubbed as “Traveling Lemons”, have these amazing stories of perseverance and acceptance.  As we all know, life is filled with trials and tribulations and we are so inclined to share our overcoming and successes rather quickly as opposed to our hardships.  Maybe it’s because they make us feel weak or ashamed or maybe the pain is still so deep to bear that sharing it would be like picking at a fresh wound.  Well the #IML movement is a strong one that I feel will be highly embraced by everyone!  It’s a place where there is no judgement, filled with unlimited support and encouragement but most of all it is filled with grand INSPIRATION!

I was lucky enough to meet Allysse almost 2 years ago and unbeknownst to us both, our lives would soon change forever for the better.  We worked at a local hotel together, however it wasn’t until after we both left that place to pursue bigger dreams and careers that we got to know each other on an entirely different level and I absolutely adore this young lady.  I am thrilled when I can be inspired by my peers and at a time of transition in both of our lives, it was at this moment that she chose to share her story, her idea, of #IML with me and I was an instant supporter of her vision.  In the past year I have watched her vision come to life and I can already see how successful she is going to be.  She is yet another powerful, and STYLISH, woman who is going to make a statement upon our city with her #IML movement.  The best part about her brand is that we can ALL relate to those who have made lemonade out of their lemons. 

As I watch her and IML continue to grow, I can’t help but be a fan of her personal style.  We came from a corporate world where uniforms were a must and the only way to express our style was through accessories and hairstyles!  In my previous post I highlighted her fave looks of mine, my #FirstFaveFive and today I am excited to share with you my #TopFaveFive

#5. Allysse making casual look chic as she compliments a pair of ripped jeans with a slouched beret and an oversized handbag.
#4. The Yellow Dress…a complete representation of her brand!
#3. Flowy top with dark denim put together with a cool pair of shades!
#2. The Red Dress! Just like the LBD, I believe every woman should own an equally essential red dress!
#1. And here it is! My favorite look of hers, funky printed leggings with a low heel and bold jacket!


Continued from #SSOSA Part 1 – Allysse presents to you the IML MOVEMENT:

SLTV: What does the future for IML look like? Do you have any upcoming IML happenings/events/campaigns you’d like to tell us about?

IML/AS: I see it taking a similar route to Post Secret, but hopefully with more parties (haha). I see conferences, events, books, journals, documentaries…. I can dream big if you let me!  I don’t have anything in the works yet. By the end of this year, it’s my deepest desire to have an event of some sort. Right now, I’m working on building the brand. I’ve actually started selling t-shirts this month to help with the awareness.

SLTV: Fill us in on the IML Shirt Sale you have going on? What future fashionable items can we look forward to?

IML/AS: Right now, I’m selling the very first IML t-shirt. It’s set up for ordering through April 1st. For this first shirt, I made sure to have it gender-neutral while keeping the bright and positive message of the brand. I kept it simple to keep cost down. I’d love to sell a new item quarterly. I definitely see a tank in the near (summer) future! Hopefully, with this next one, I can do more color. I also have plans for customers to feel a personal connection to the messages on future items.

SLTV: We love your IG account! And we see a lot of fashion inspiration within it, what’s your personal fashion style?

IML/AS: A splash of crazy! I usually love mixing in an accessory or item that shouldn’t really go with the outfit and making it work! This could be a crazy pair of leggings, shoes, or hair accessory. It throws people off enough for them to notice. I really do hate matching. You’ll rarely ever see me wearing the same color necklace and shoes.

SLTV: Who are some of your favorite style/fashion icons?

IML/AS: Oh boy. Off the top of my head, I love T Swift’s style. My body shape is very different than hers, however. I find myself looking at Natalie Portman or Rachel McAdams for ideas for my petite frame.

SLTV: Finish this sentence: The Style Of San Antonio is:

IML/AS: Confidence. No matter what we’re wearing (t-shirt and jeans, sweats, Spurs jersey, or a ball gown!), we’re confident. There’s no act or show. We’re just real people confidently expressing our mood or style every day.  No apologies. Just confidence.