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San Antonio Fashion Award Red Carpet Cheat Sheet

imageYou’ve planned all month for this, your hair, nails & makeup are done and it’s time to walk the red carpet. You get out the car and trip in front of everyone. Nooooooooo you scream. Then you wake up and realize it was just a dream. Let’s make sure that you know all the tricks to ensure your red carpet debut is flawless.


Makeup & Hair
When it comes to make up stay away from foundations/powders containing SPF. The reason being under a camera flash you can appear ghostly or ashy. For highly publicized events it’s best to go with an HD foundation. The difference can be epic.

Vogue like Madonna is watching Practice makes perfect. Put on your outfit, get in a front of a huge mirror and find your angles. Look and see what angles and poses flatter your body type. You can never go wrong with an ankle crossed stance with one hand on your hip. Trust me, it’s a go to of mine. In the end it’s all about how you feel.¬†You can never go wrong with a crossed ankle and hand on hip.



This¬†brings me to your look of the night. It’s so important to feel comfortable, sexy & beautiful in your dress. Nothing kills a photo faster than seeing a persons discomfort through a photo. I suggest trying on your look with shoes and jewelry so you can get a sense of comfort appearance.


With these trusty tips you will rock the red carpet like a pro.


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