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As the #1 advocate for the positive growth of the San Antonio Fashion Industry four years and running we strive to Bring Awareness globally to our San Antonio Fashion Community via online news, events and education. We partner with those whose mission parallels ours and work directly with the City of San Antonio in the areas of arts & culture, downtown development and economic competitiveness. We do this in an effort to reach shared goals for the future of San Antonio, Texas and directly impact the San Antonio Fashion Community positively. Our elite city partners include: The City of San Antonio and its Arts & Culture Department, SA2020, Southtown The Arts District, Centro San Antonio, the Center City Development & Operations Department and Councilman Roberto Trevino. Through our efforts, we are mission focused and committed to a vision beyond ourselves.


The company was founded in Hollywood, California in 2010 by San Antonio native, Burgundy Woods. After four successful years, Style Lush TV came to San Antonio in 2014 and dedicated itself to the local fashion industry and its positive growth. Style Lush TV is the first and only online fashion television network of its kind. It aims to bring consistent awareness about its fashion community by means of online television via news, entertainment, events and education. It also showcases high fashion trend reports to its audience and creates events that are in direct response to the needs of a growing fashion economy. Style Lush TV believe that fashion belongs to EVERYONE, so you will see a variety of women and men featured on the network.

“Our San Antonio fashion community is why we exist. We support it, report on it’s positive accomplishments, and invite everyone to get to know the amazing talents that help continue the forward momentum the City of San Antonio is currently experiencing.” -Burgundy Woods, Senior Digital Fashion Editor, Style Lush TV


Style Lush TV is a big advocate for supporting professional practices in the San Antonio market and so, like all traditional media, we accept Press Releases and do our best to get them out to our audience as soon as possible. Submit your Press Release to Style Lush TV at Info@StyleLushTV.Com or simply use our CONTACT link at the bottom of our website at StyleLushTV.Com.

Don’t know how to write a Press Release? Not to worry, as the #1 advocate for the evolving fashion community of San Antonio, we believe in educating our community whenever needed. Check out this content on How To Write A Press Release in partnership with San Antonio Fashion Journalist Icon, Michael Quintanilla.

Please note, that while we love that you reach out to us via social media DM, we do not accept Press Releases via that outlet. We also do not consider a brief message in our social media inboxes as professional protocol and so, we will not accept DMs as a formal press release. In order to continually encourage professional practices in our market, guarantee that we have enough information to support you and to maintain a steady workflow in the studio, we ask that you follow the professional protocol above.

Please continue to tag and/or invite us to your events on Facebook as we are more than happy to list you on our Style Lush TV Fashion Events Calendar. This is a highly trafficked page by our local community and it is always free to be listed. To have your event published in depth on the actual network, please send your Press Release. (Refer to the protocol above.)

We are very excited to receive all of your Press Releases and look forward to sharing your successes with our audience.