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As you know we here at Style Lush TV, we believe in the growth of our city, specifically the arts and FASHION Industries.  We want people around the world to know that economically San Antonio is gaining momentum and strength to stand alongside other big cities but with more desirable real estate for both residents and business owners.  As an alumna of the same school, I am so proud to introduce to you two very brave students of Sanford-Brown College – School of Fashion Design.
Grace Herrera and Simeona Lipscomb have decided to be the voice of the last graduating classes of the college which received some sad news earlier this year.  After 10 years of operation, Sanford Brown College (formerly known as International Academy of Design and Technology), announced that it would be participating in a Teach-out Program with their final year being 2018.  These girls have set out to keep the school alive by starting their own! Their mission is to give prospective students an opportunity to learn the skills they need to have their dream-career.  They want the city’s support so that we can keep aspiring students active in our city and reassure them that they don’t have to leave San Antonio in order to succeed.
Join us as we watch these girls’ powerful and brave mission to start their own school and save the fashion and arts higher education alive in San Antonio!  They have a fundraising event set for September and we encourage all of our viewers and fans to come out and support them in any way they can. Whether it’s as a guest, a sponsor, a volunteer…….just show that you believe in the power of fashion and arts like we do.
Feel free to contact the girls for more information on their mission or to be a part of their movement!
Grace and Simonea (Simmy) can be reached here:
Stay Tuned San Antonio!


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