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So if you’ve been with me since my Hollywood days and my show THE B-SPOT, you know that I am no stranger to coloring my hair in fun, crazy colors. The one thing however, is that no one ever emphasizes the realities that come with dawning a colorful ‘do. Not everything is as glamorous as it seems and I quickly remembered all these hilarious and sometimes awkward realities this first week of wearing my purple hair.

Here are my Top 3 Cool Color Hair Confessions


Upon waking up the next morning I awoke to a purple pillow case…


and left my mark on the bathroom sink, even after I wiped the counter.

hair strand

Also, no matter how much you keep your hands away from your hair, somehow, my fingernails are always a light shade of purple.


Confession #2: YOU SWEAT IN COLOR

Purple Sweat

Upon recently filming FRU (Fashion Round Up) our AC stopped working (a common problem in San Antonio, Texas during the summer). We had to stop filming twice because not only were we sweating profusely, my sweat was streaming down my forehead in COLOR! Also, Whenever I go out to do well… anything, My upper back starts to collect purple sweat stains as well. It’s kind of hilarious. Until my color settles in, I’m trying to wear low backs or stay away from beautiful light colored garments that would be ruined from purple sweat.


Hair Color Shampoo

Yup! It’s true. (and don’t you people out there try to deny this one.) Because you want to hold on to your beautiful color as long as possible, you start to develop strange “hair washing schedules”. With fresh natural hair, I wash my hair everyday. I know some people say that’s not very good for your hair, but I do it anyway. Especially in the San Antonio Summertime. Now that I have a vibrant purple color, I wash my hair on average, 2 or 3 times a week. Also, knowing I won’t be washing my hair as frequently, I adopt a style that can be worn a couple days at a time. When I do wash my hair I use ION COLOR. I LOVE ION COLOR. It smells incredibly good, helps retain moisture (which is great for my post bleached hair) and truly holds your color in safely, yet washes your hair thoroughly. I love it. The cool thing though, is that when my hair does finally start to fade, I can look forward to lavender, yet another color I have been wanting to try.

So all n all, these silly little annoyances are totally out weighed by how much I love my new hair. I am truly enjoying the shape of my hair cut and the vibrant shade. I probably won’t go back to natural color for a while. I’m just having too much fun. Stay Tuned for more Confessions of A Fashion Editor and remember,

Don’t Complain! Come Fancy!

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