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From the start of my career I’ve expressed countless concerns criticizing the lack of size diversity in fashion, particularly focusing on our local area (San Antonio). The movement in plus size fashion for size diversity and curves being in is finally having an impact on the local fashion scene; I was a guest at the Flawless Fashionista show produced by Coco Productions where three boutiques showcased designs featuring full figured women. The featured boutiques were Flawless Fashionista, La-Zayfair, and Kandi Factory and all three showcases featured women of all sizes and shapes!


There are many fashion magazines devoted to “curvy” women that feature plus size models and a lot of times the models are at the small end of the spectrum (size 12 and below). I find inspiration in all aspects of fashion, regardless of size, but it was nice to see a showcase presenting something different. Plus size fashion like any other fashion should be an important part of the local market, you cannot ignore it.



At Style Lush TV we truly embrace FASHION FOR EVERYONE and as your official plus size advocate with Style Lush TV I give kudos to everyone involved with the Flawless Fashionista show– it was a showcase that embraced size diversity and reflected more of who we are in the local industry. From petite to tall and slim to full-figured, the women in the showcase were of many sizes, shapes and even different ages.

Dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, bold prints and many colors made a bold statement on the runway and all of the clothes are only a click away with the featured online boutiques. It is a good start and I look forward to the growth in the industry.



Style Lush TV contributors are all smiles celebrating diversity in fashion!


Shop the looks and support your local boutiques:
Flawless Fashionista –
La-Zayfair –
Kandi Factory –

Photo Credit: Jeanelly @thefashionlotus

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