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Before you get all “Easter is not just another fashion opportunity” on me, just know that I am well aware of what the holiday symbolizes and I do not take it lightly. Ok! So now that we are good, for those of you facing a predicament of what to wear for the holiday keep reading because this is for you!

Almost every holiday has its own fashion element and Easter is no exception.  Also, despite what some may think a fancy church hat is not required to look your best!  Nothing against church hats, I think they are absolutely S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

For me personally, regardless if I opt to freshen up an old favorite or purchase something new, the bottom line is Easter fashion to me symbolizes something almighty and glorious and I take time to put thought into what I decide to wear. As far back as I can remember Easter Sunday style at its best entailed frilly dresses paired with white patent shoes for the little girls while the church ladies did not mess around with their beautiful hats and other lightweight accessories.

Whether or not you observe the holiday, there is no denying that as the date approaches you start to think about spring, pastels, and all the fabulous fashion. Heck, this might be the only time of the year you break out your Sunday’s best!

Some view Easter fashion as an old-fashion approach to tradition on what to wear and others still view it as a sign of respect and reverence and want to look their absolute best.

Some of the largest mega-churches are filled with members dressed in casual attire, but on Easter Sunday while some of those same members will pass over tradition and stick with casual attire others will likely get dressed up because they want to and/or just out of respect.

As always I hope that you will be adventurous and have fun with creating your OWN look.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Toughen up your pretty picnic and floral prints with a leather jacket.

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine
essence magazine picnic prints
Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

Pop of color on the necklace and the subtle (white) shoes and clutch add the perfect balance to this fresh floral.

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

Printed jumpsuit by JIBRI can be paired with a cardigan or blazer for church and be removed for an easy church to family outing transition.

Photo Credit:  JIBRI
Photo Credit: JIBRI

Whether it be church, family get-together, both or nothing at all enjoy this Easter!!

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